Carrot and beetroot juice for younger wrinkle free skin!!


Here is something new, exceptionally cheap and fairly strange you can try to combat irksome wrinkles and the signs of aging. It might not come in a swanky bottle, contain buzzwords, or come with a booklet packed with compelling pseudo-science, but try applying carrot and beetroot juice topically to the skin in order to improve the texture of your peel and reduce wrinkles, crinkles and tiresome crunkles.

How does it work? Well, carrot juice is high in vitamin A an ingredient you’ll oft encounter in age prevention miracle creams. Vitamin A is great for the skin.

Whereas beetroot juice has almost magical properties when it comes to repairing damaged DNA.

By regularly applying beetroot and carrot juice to the skin, you will have another good excuse to form a healthy relationship with your juice. You will only need a very small amount of the juices for topical application, and what you don’t rub all over your naked body, you dirty thing, you can tip inside yourself. Vegetable juices have a very healing effect on the body and can almost magically transform the condition of your gut by regularly imbibing vegetable juices. If the thought of drinking vegetable juices makes you want to projectile vom – don’t panic – they can be made right palatable by adding in some fruit juice.

To use the juices topically, follow these pathetically simple instructions:

  • Juice 4 large carrots (preferably use organic vegetables when available)
  • Juice 1 medium beetroot (preferably use organic vegetables when available)
  • Using a cotton wall pad (organic is always best) wipe the carrot juice across the face.
  • Concentrate the beetroot juice on bewrinkled zones such as the forehead and around the eyes – obviously being careful not to blind yourself in the process.
  • Rub the juices into the skin with the fingers.
  • Once the juices have dried go through the entire process twice more, reapplying the juice, rubbing in and allowing to dry.
  • After ten minutes, rinse the face clean with warm water. This may take some doing as beetroot juice is deep red.
  • Afterwards, apply a quarter teaspoon of coconut oil to moisturise the skin and massage in well.
  • Drink the rest of the juices – your intestines will love them. If you can’t stand the taste, try adding the juice of half an apple, a chunk of ginger and/or the juice of half a lemon.

Don’t expect to suddenly wake up the next day looking like Kylie Minogue during her I Should Be So Lucky days, like most things, it takes perseverance and dedication to look twenty four forever. The pinkness of the beetroot juice will give you a healthy glow.

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